Love shouldn't be about money. It shouldn't be about who can buy the most extra features on an app. Love is about relationships that matter between humans. Free Dates For Life has been owned by people that scammed people searching for true love. I despise people like that! Making money offering and selling a service that works is all fair. Taking advantage of people that are desperate, taking their money for nothing, is pure evil. Free Dates For Life is now free to use for everybody.

How is that even possible? It is possible because it doesn't take that much to run a site like this these days. Also you'll be exposed to ads for different companies, and the money they generate will pay for hosting and other minor expenses.

But what about the hours I put in? I am a fortunate man. I have been married for many years, fathered tree wonderful children and divorced their mother for all the best reasons. We grew apart but were never enemies, and to this day we are good friends, taking care of our children in a respectful joint effort.

But my luck hasen't stopped with that. I have found the love of my life, a single mom with two daughters, that I will spend the rest of my life with. I want everybody to experience the joy af a real loving relationship, it has saved me from agony, made my depressions manageable and brought meaning to my life.


We live in a modern day and age, and love has no boundaries, or at least it shouldn't have. I know of people that has crossed the pacific and found the love of their life. I know of people that has found love across religion, across paycheck, across culture. I know of happy married couples with age gabs beyond 25 years, and yes you are properly prejudice thinking he is desperate and she is a golddigger, but actually I know of many couples where the woman is the oldest as well.

I don't judge who you fall in love with, I just dare you to take the challenge, try dating across the globe. Try dating the not so obvius. We are all slaves to our own idea of how things should be, live a little, take a chance. Chances are you'll get lucky and meet the one and only were you didn't expect it at all.

Dating someone is all about getting to know one another. Dating someone far away from where you live, from how you live, gives you so much more interesting to find out.

But what about common ground? In reality we are not that different, we are human beings, wonderful wonderful human beings, alle of us, so we are not that different if we dare to look beyond ourselves, dare to date beyond what we thought we should.


Sorry, but succesful dating requires rules. Free Dates For Life has rules too. These are necessary to ensure that as few people as possible gets hurt, and as many as possible has a positive experience. I am not the police or a judge, but I will not hesitate deleting people that don't behave themselves. I will always be fair, always listen to both sides, but you already know what good behavior is, that is why I won't list up a lot of rules, but a few simple rules, that any fool can follow.

Behave yourself in a manor that would make your mom and dad proud.

Don't take a no personal, yes it is a no for someone else to be with you, but that is how life is, deal with it.

Don't be a cunt! Yes, that is bad language, but everybody knows what I mean, so just don't!

Respect others, you are a wonderful person, you are valuable just because you are you, and that goes for everybody else.

Have patience with me. I run solid backup, so nothing gets lost, but it is not a multi million dollar operation, so If something breaks down, bear with me and remember Its all for free.

Have fun, enjoy meeting other people. Enjoy getting excited over a message, a smile, some awesome sex perhaps.

Take yourself serious, but not too serious.